Argenology offers wine tastings designed to your specific requirements. From Solo tastings to larger groups, arrangements can be made for private events at our facilities, through our Restaurant partners, or at your Hotel or Apartment.

We are able to travel to your vacation destination throughout Argentina, and will organize off-site events, including all required coordination and wine logistics.

Below you can find three sample tasting programs. These can be used as a guide or starting point, as we look to tailor the tasting program to the requirements of each group.

ArgEnology focuses on wines that combine the pinnacle of quality, winemaking pedigree, family heritage and a compelling story. It is our aim to provide the ultimate in a bespoke wine experience.

Introductory Program

The Malbecs of Argentina
(five wines)

Wine I – Escorihuela Gascon Small Productions Malbec, Mendoza
Wine II – Jorge Catena Ricominciare Cab. Franc Malbec, Mendoza
Wine III – Fincas Notables Malbec, Salta
Wine IV – Rutini Colección Malbec, Mendoza
Wine V – Angelica Zapata Malbec Alta, Mendoza

Intermediate Program

The three best Wine Producing Regions of Argentina
(six wines)

Wine I – Encuentro Brut Nature Sparkling, Mendoza
Wine II – Chacra Barda, Patagonia
Wine III – Rutini Antologia XXXI Malbec Blend, Mendoza
Wine IV – Yacochuya Michel Rolland, Salta Wine V – Benegas Lynch Malbec, La Encerrada Vineyard, Mendoza
Wine VI – Miguel Escorihuela DON Malbec, Mendoza

High-End Program

The Tour de Force: the Cult Wines of Argentina
(ten wines)

Wine I – Catena Zapata Malbec Argentino, Mendoza
Wine II – Chacra Treinta y Dos Pinot Noir, Patagonia
Wine III – Noemia Malbec, Patagonia
Wine IV – Benegas Lynch FBL Barrica, Mendoza
Wine V – Catena Zapata Estiba Reservada, Mendoza
Wine VI – Parcela 26 Malbec, Mendoza
Wine VII – Apartado Gran Malbec, Mendoza
Wine VIII – Felipe Rutini, Mendoza
Wine IX – Cobos Malbec Marchiori Vineyards, Mendoza
Wine X – Laura Catena Zapata Nico by Luca Malbec, Mendoza

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